Mountain Adventures


I started climbing in the era before harnesses, before belay devices, before chalk, before E numbers, when nuts were just that, machine nuts threaded on rope slings. I have always preferrred "adventure climbing".
Top left - "Strapiombante" E1, Froggatt Edge, Peak District
Top right - Gogarth was always one of my favorite cliffs, I climbed over a hundred routes here. Here I'm starting "The Ramp" on the Upper Tier, one of the easier routes at Gogarth
Bottom right - "Chrysanthemes" TD- 200m, One of the classics of Presles which is situated in the Vercors Massif in France.
Bottom Left - The route that started the Slate revolution in North Wales - "Comes the Dervish", Vivian Quarry, Llanberis
Strapiombo, Froggat Edge The Ramp Presles Comes the Dervish