Mountain Adventures


Wales, Scotland and the Alps were my favourite places for ice climbing. I lived within walking distance of Ysgolian Ddu (the Black Ladders) a superb winter crag when in condition. At other times I climbed in the Dauphine with its superb steep frozen icefalls very often with safe bolt belay stations.
Doigt d'Astarothe Ypres Cascade East Gully
Top left. In my opion the best route on Ysgolian Ddu, "ArticFox/Ypres" combination.
Top right. The stunning free-standing icicle that is "Doigt d'Astarothe" in the La Grave valley.
Bottom left. Fairly lean conditions giving intersting climbing on "East Gully", high up on Glyder Fawr
Bottom right. One of the classics of North Wales ice, "Cascade" V on Craig y Rhaeadr. More than a match for any of the classics North of the Border. Careful hooking only on this day, swing too hard and your pick would bounce off the rock underneath.