Mountain Adventures

Further Afield.

High mountains, volcanoes, deserts each with their own distinctive character, you can search out adventure all over the world. but it's not just the climbing, the culture and the people too are just as important.
Peru Wadi Rum
Above - On the descent from Jebel Rum, Wadi Rum, Jordan. The local Bedouin had climbed many of the peaks, barefoot and with no equipment, some of these are serious with complex route finding. Apart from T E Lawrence's visit, the area was little known until the visit of Tony Howard in 1984.

Top left - Climbing in the Raria group, Cordelleria Blanca, Peru. This range has over 200 summits between 5000m and 6000m. According to one comment "it's as if the Alps had been raised up 1500m and cable cars and overcrowding banished overnight." This is super-alpine climbing in the heart of exotic Peru.
Right - High camp on Toculagria 6032m, Chinchey massif,
Cordelleria Blanca, Peru
The Tezhoulags
Bottom - On the summit of Saounian after freeing the East Face route (TD sup). Behind are the Tezhoulags. These superb mountains are in the Hoggar Mountains of Algeria. Situated on the tropic of Cancer they are in the middle of the Sahara Desert. Pretty hard to get more "out there" than that.