Mountain Adventures

The Alps.

A wonderful playground with something for everyone from novice to hard man. Fantastic climbing, scenery and positions. I had the priviledge to guide here for 16 seasons.
On the Nadlegrat
Top left - On the Nadlegrat traverse Pennine Alps- a fantastic day out crossing 4 summits,The Hohberhorn, Snecknadlehorn, Nadelhorn & Lenspitze, all over 4,000 metres, with excellent rock and very narrow and exposed snow crests. The photo is taken from the Lenspitze looking back to the Nadlehorn.
Frontier Ridge Mt Maudit
Below right - High on the Frontier Ridge of Mount Maudit 4465m, Mount Blanc area. A major classic, one of the finest ridges in the range. A long mixed route at high altitude, fairly sustained with the difficulties mainly on snow & ice.
Ryan Lochmatter on  Aiguille du Plan Swiss Route
Left - The east ridge of the Aiguille du Plan is in a superb setting at the top of the Envers de Blatiere glacier. The rock is excellent and the climbing sustained though never more than IV+. The approach to the route is quite an expedition in itself and crossing the bergshrund to get established on the rocks can be dificult. It has turned back more than 1 party.
Right - One of the classic ice routes, the Swiss Route on the North Face of Les Courtes. This the third route I climbed on the N face, we climbed it in a day in winter. Good conditions mostly, very cold, no stone or icefall. Superb, a day to cherish in the memory for ever.